SOS will match-fund the first $100,000 donated to SOS Lemurs before 31 December 2015.

ICUN’s SOS – Save Our Species partnership programme has launched a Special Initiative to help save Madagascar’s 100 lemur species from imminent extinction: SOS Lemurs.


Donations made through this website will be match-funded dollar for dollar to a maximum of $100,000 USD based on all donations received before 31 December 2015.


These charismatic icons of the island continent are only found on Madagascar. Deforestation and poaching in recent years has made them the most threatened mammal group on the planet – 90% of the more than 100 species are Critically Endangered.

But we have a plan to save them: the Lemur Action Plan!


By aligning closely with the IUCN Species Survival Commission’s (SSC) Primate Specialist Group’s Lemur Action Plan published in 2014, SOS Lemurs, is an application of needs based conservation action in a nutshell.


SOS Lemurs harnesses the aggregating potential of the SOS model: pooling funds from donors and disbursing them in the form of small to medium size grants to existing Madagascar-based conservation actors while applying world class project management to ensure every conservation dollar is used to its potential.

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  • SOS - Save our Species; Lemurs Initiative; Young black and white ruffed lemur
    Young black and white ruffed lemur (Varecia variegata editorum)
  • SOS - Save our Species; Lemurs Initiative; rufous fronted brown lemur
    Rufous-fronted brown lemur (Eulemur rufifrons)
  • SOS Save our Species, Coquerel's sifaka, Lemur CFP threatened species grant
    Coquerel's sifaka
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