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Help us mobilise more funds for wildlife conservation.

Current research shows nature and wildlife need hundreds of millions of dollars of sustained and continued investment to turn the tide of extinction into one of population stabilisation and growth.


An enormous challenge for any one individual or organisation of course. That is why SOS works as a partnership -  every contribution counts. Nature is our life support system - every last person depends on nature for food, shelter, medicine, fuel, inpsiration and much more.


SOS shines a light against the darkness. We focus on action and impact.


This short film diary from the SOS funded Sumatran Rhino project illustrates just some of what we are working to protect:


So many conservation priorities, so many species of plants and animals it can be difficult to decide what to do. 


By supporting SOS - Save Our Species with a financial donation you can help make a real difference to hundreds of the world’s most threatened species all in one action.


SOS channels money through small and medium sized grants to a community of the best conservation projects around the world making an impact on the frontlines of various conservation issues. By using evidence-based science and selecting the right partners to implement projects, SOS ensures real conservation impacts.


Read about some of our news stories here to learn more about some recent successes.


This includes projects tackling wildlife crime, making re-introduction efforts, implementing emergency measures, reducing bycatch impacts from fisheries and the generation of sustainable alternative livelihoods.




Will you answer the call?



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  • Oceanic Manta Ray, Black Morph, Stealth Bomber 2, Roca Partida, Mexico © Guy Stevens, Manta Trust (E) WM, SOS Save Our Species
    SOS supports 15 marine projects worldwide protecting dozens of mammals and fish species
  • 12A-024-03
    Currently SOS supports 6 Reptile projects in Asia and Africa
  • 11A-22-01
    Spoon-billed sandpipers are just 1 of dozens of species protected by our 13 bird projects
  • 12A_35_06, Cycad, Belize, Cycad evaluation, Team
    SOS currently funds 8 plant conservation projects across the Americas, Africa and Asia
  • SOS - Save Our Species, 2012A-034, WPZ, Tree Kangaroo
    Effective species conservation often means generating sustainable alternative sources of livelihoods
SOS - Save Our Species
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