As a global initiative with an ambitious and inspiring goal SOS is actively seeking appropriate corporate and organisational partners with which to work.


To this end SOS can offer tailored engagements to potential sponsors focused on agreed conservation priorities. In addition to a number of benefits depending on the level of the engagement, we will work with you to generate a wealth of communications opportunities for internal and external audiences.


Please contact SOS directly to learn more about our Partnership Program.

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Since 2010 we have achieved so much for threatened species, their habitats and the communities who depend on them. Together we can do so much more however. Supporting SOS is EASY. Here is how you can make a difference today:  


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    One of World’s Rarest Turtles Heading Back to the Wild
    Great news from Cambodia, one of the four countries where the Turtle Survival Alliance and its partners are implementing an SOS-funded project to help protect and conserve the South East Asian Terrapi...
  • 12A-026, SOS Save our Species, Poachers sentenced, Encephalartos Lehmannii, EWT
    Cycad poacher sentenced to 10 years of prison
    In a ground-breaking decision, and for the first time on record in the Eastern Cape and possibly in South Africa as a whole, an Encephalartos cycad poacher has been sentenced to ten years of direct im...
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    Turtle community unites in time to save more than 3,000 endangered Turtles
    When a haul of more than 4,000 endangered turtles were confiscated from a well-organized syndicate of poachers in the Philippines in mid-June, a successful rescue story seemed unlikely.
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    SOS and Fondation Segré announce new International Pangolin Conservation Initiative
    This week, as the world’s first ever Pangolin Range States workshop takes place in Da Nang Province, Vietnam, SOS and Fondation Segré are delighted to announce a two-year international Pangolin Conser...
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    Uncovering the secret lives of Timneh Parrots
    Given the large numbers in captivity around the world, it seems incredible that almost nothing is known of the lives of wild Timneh parrots (Psittacus timneh).  
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