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This short film featuring three different SOS Grantees illustrates the benefits we are helping bring to threatened turtles, tigers and dolphins, their habitats and the communities that depend on those habitats in Bangladesh.


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SOS is a global coalition to conserve threatened species and their habitats. We work with the conservation community to carry out our SOS projects all over the world, granting funds to our conservation partner organizations. If you are interested in applying for a grant please check out our instructions at Projects / Apply for a grant.

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Karau Kuna, UN Equator Prize Winner
12A_34_05, Livelihoods Coordinator Ben Sipa and GIS Coordinator Karau Kuna with YUS Conservation Coffee,  Mark Ziembicki, SOS Save Our Species, SOS
"SOS has assisted the Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program to work more closely with the landowners to set their priorities in land use plans. The plans should help take pressure off pristine ecosystems, allow sustainable use of ecosystem products and services, and enhance livelihood potential".
  • West African Chimpanzee
    Reducing Human-Chimpanzee conflicts in Guinea-Bissau
    Tedros Medhin, project coordinator with Stichting Chimbo, an SOS Grantee and IUCN Member, reports from Boé, Guinea-Bissau, about how Village Vigilance Committees (CVVs) are helping to protect the loca...
  • cycads Uganda
    6,400 seeds of Critically Endangered cycads planted in Western Uganda
    Mpanga Falls in Western Uganda is known as one of the world’s largest areas where the endemic cycad species Encephalartos whitelockii occurs. This cycad species is classified as Critically Endan...
  • Freedom, SOS, Save our Species, Eagle, Darshan
    Darshan the Eagle, an ambassador for threatened animals, set a new world record
    March 14th 2015, SOS partner Freedom’s Darshan the Eagle set a new world record with the highest recorded bird flight from a man-made structure, the Burj Khalifa, in Dubai (829.8 metres).
  • Freedom, SOS
    Flying high for conservation: world record attempt live on BBC World
    On 14th March 2015 at 17:30 (Dubai local time),  SOS partner FREEDOM will attempt to set a new world record by flying an imperial eagle, equipped with a camera, from the top of the world’s talles...
  • pygmy hippo, protected area Wonegizi
    First steps to protecting key Pygmy Hippo habitat in Liberia
    Pygmy Hippos  (Hippopotamus guldbergi) – and moreover, conservation of this critically endangered species, and their forest habitat – are little known, underfunded and largely ignored.
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