There are sizeable and sound investments for species conservation already underway but even so, the number of species currently receiving sufficient conservation attention and funding to bring them back from the brink of extinction is minimal. SOS fills a vital gap for grants that can be applied specifically to saving threatened species and their habitats.


SOS provides two types of grants:


  • Threatened Species Grants (25,000 to 800,000 $US) for which calls with specific Strategic Directions are issued on a regular basis. Projects above 200,000 $US will be awarded on an exceptional basis. Special Calls for Proposals targeting specific threatened species can also be issued on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Rapid Action Grants (up to 25,000 $US) available on an ongoing basis and supporting conservation actions in case of emergency situations. These grants will be awarded to support a special class of projects aimed at addressing immediate threats that require targeted specific action, with high chance of generating rapid positive results.


Given that more than 20,000 species are currently known to be threatened, it will be impossible to support all of them. SOS sets priorities for funding and revises the Strategic Directions for its calls for proposals on a regular basis.  


Calls for proposals and other news about grant availability are announced on this page. Please carefully read all the information and the documents that are available on this page. Applications must comply with all the SOS requirements in order to be judged eligible and be reviewed.


The SOS Special Call for Proposals for the Lemurs of Madagascar is now closed.


Rapid Action Grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Please note that Rapid Action Grants applications with an end date beyond 31 March 2016 cannot be currently accepted.

How to apply

In order to apply for a grant, potential applicants need to register and submit a proposal through the SOS Online Portal that can be accessed through the link below. Both Rapid Action Grants and Threatened Species Grants can be submitted through the system. Each application will need to consist of:


- a general Project Description inserted directly in the Online Portal interface 


- a Project Proposal (separate templates exist for Rapid Action and Threatened Species Grants)


- a Project Budget (separate templates exist for Rapid Action and Threatened Species Grants)


- a Logical Framework for the project (the same template applies to both Rapid Action and Threatened Species Grants)


 - a Safeguards Policy Aspects for Applicants template (the same template applies to both Rapid Action and Threatened Species Grants)


- any additional / supplementary documents required (evidence of partnerships, matching funds, authorizations, land ownership, maps, images etc.).





All required instructions and background documents are posted on this page. Potential applicants are invited to read all the information available in order to confirm they are eligible for funding under SOS.


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