Conservation Problem

Sulawesi’s endemic Maleo bird – well-known and iconic in Sulawesi but found nowhere else in the world – has been fully protected under Indonesian law since 1972, when it was formally recognized that the birds were threatened due to overharvesting of their enormous eggs as well as the loss and fragmentation of their native forest habitat. Laws protecting Maleos, however, have rarely been enforced and numbers continue to decrease. In many places numbers have declined by more than 90% since 1950.

Mitigating the threat of overharvesting, as well as protecting remaining active nesting grounds – particularly those with intact connectivity to natural forests – is therefore, of critical importance.

In addition, the Maleo’s natural forest habitat is being steadily lost and fragmented throughout Sulawesi due to logging, conversion to agriculture, as well as other larger and smaller scale anthropogenic threats.

Project Activties


This two-year project will take Maleo recovery to a regional level with four components, carried out in close partnership with local communities: 

a) Strengthened site-based conservation of nesting Maleos and their forest habitat;

b) Greater public awareness of the Maleo conservation message through school-based education and public events;

c) Enforcement of laws protecting Maleos and other endangered wildlife through an in-depth outreach program targeting law enforcement personnel;

d) Identification of possible new Maleo conservation sites through a field survey of nesting grounds rumoured to be still extant.



Project Outcomes


Overall, the four components of this comprehensive approach to Maleo conservation should work synergistically to turn the Tompotika region into a stronghold for the Maleo, and for conservation in general.

If this project is successful, for the first time there will be an entire region of Sulawesi where the Maleo's decline has slowed or reversed and Maleos are present and breeding; where local people are increasingly aware, engaged, and enthusiastic about protecting them; and where overall government and public support for conservation activities is growing.


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